Obscure Dubuque Bar Crawl: The University Ave/Call my Dad, He’s a Professional Tour.


Two Friday nights ago in a region near University Avenue, five friends ventured out to obscure bars in their finest argyles, popped collars, sweet brooches, and one completely awesome red Michael Jackson jacket.

Here are the most recent stats from each bar we visited.

Fat Tuesday’s

Snacks – Lots of choices. Best nachos…ever (according to the big guy at the bar)

Music – Yes, we do have margaritaville!

Bathrooms – bigger than Whisky but points off for being right by pool table. Clean with extra TP.

The Whisky (That’s how it’s really spelled) 

Snacks include chips, nuts, and pizza

Music – modern alternative and classic f’n rock. Jukebox is expensive and selection is limited.

Bathrooms – small, not so clean, strong smell of pot. Rough Rider condoms available for his and her pleasure.

Walnut Tap (aka…”The Nut” or “where the cashier from the Oky Doky convenience store hangs out”)

Snacks (hmmm…can’t remember), but CE and I scored free beer from a skeezy guy in a Hawaiian shirt.

Music – modern alternative and classic f’n rock

Bathrooms – Nice mirror!

The Lounge

Fantastic as always, but one thing! Don’t get the nachos! You WILL be dissappointed!


About Restless Cube Dweller

Most of my adult life has been defined finding homes in unconventional places, and learning to interact positively with others. I've lived in the middle of nowhere, in small cities, in large cities, in the suburbs, and now in Dubuque, Iowa. This blog represents my musings about growing up, moving on, finding love, and eating well in the suburbs and beyond.
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5 Responses to Obscure Dubuque Bar Crawl: The University Ave/Call my Dad, He’s a Professional Tour.

  1. hillsgirl says:

    LOVE the new digs.

    • azellmer0515 says:

      Thanks! I’m so glad I moved the blog. Blogger was being a huge pain. I couldn’t respond to comments or download photos.

  2. Russ Braby says:

    Too bad I missed it. Lemme know when the next one is…

    • Restless Cube Dweller says:

      I’m sure we’ll have another one this fall. We talked about hitting the Dog House, Westside Tap, and the Luxe Club next. We still have a ton of downtown bars to hit as well. We’ll have to pick a day that will jive with your schedule : )

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