A few of my favorite things…

I am another year older as of yesterday. Woo-hoo! 

Last year I didn’t have a birthday celebration because I worked at DubuqueFest and it was my brother’s graduation weekend. This weekend I made up for last year and kept up with this year’s birthday.

By the way, this list begins to sound like Andy Bernard’s  “I forgot to tell you the plan for this Saturday. You, me, bar, beers, buzzed. Wings, shots, drunk! Waitresses – hot! Football, Cornell-Hofstra, slaughter! Then quick nap at my place, then we hit the tizzown.”

That’s part of the charm.

Friday night: Met with family, dinner at Mario’s, dessert at Beecher’s Ice Cream followed by a walk by the Mississippi River and wine at The Star.

Saturday: Breakfast at Dottie’s, strolled the Farmer’s Market where I bought sarcastic coasters (“she was nothing but man-chasing booze hound. why can’t you be more like her?”), experienced the Grand Pet Excursion at Murphy Park, hiked at Mines of Spain (whoever is throwing garbage around out there really needs to be locked up), lunch at Asian Gourmet (Lien outdid herself! The food was top notch),  party at my place (Yes, I threw my own birthday party and the caprese kabobs rocked), power hour (or more like power half-hour), rolicking conversation, and last b’day drinks at The Lift.

Sunday morning: Had a dream that someone was knocking on my door for a really long time. Since I assumed it was a couple of Jehovah’s witnesses who usually visit me on Sunday I kept sleeping. However, the knocking continued for such a long time that I finally woke up and opened the door to find no one. The only thing left was a piece of paper with my picture exed out and the words “We know the marijuana smell isn’t really old man smell” taped to the outside of my door.

Then I really woke up.

Thanks to all my friends for making my birthday special this year! I loved every minute!


About Restless Cube Dweller

Most of my adult life has been defined finding homes in unconventional places, and learning to interact positively with others. I've lived in the middle of nowhere, in small cities, in large cities, in the suburbs, and now in Dubuque, Iowa. This blog represents my musings about growing up, moving on, finding love, and eating well in the suburbs and beyond.
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One Response to A few of my favorite things…

  1. Audrey says:

    I’m sorry I’m such a bad friend and only left you a lame facebook message!!!!!!

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