Anxiously awaiting the end of Summer

and the beginning of Autumn.

Many people love Summer. I have to say to say I am not one of those people. Granted, I appreciate the festivals, bike rides, farmer’s markets, and gatherings that summer offers, but a walk through the crunchy leaves of Autumn followed by cozy days reading by my radiator will always trump these hot, humid, bright days.  

Also, I can’t wait to wear my boots again!!!



About Restless Cube Dweller

Most of my adult life has been defined finding homes in unconventional places, and learning to interact positively with others. I've lived in the middle of nowhere, in small cities, in large cities, in the suburbs, and now in Dubuque, Iowa. This blog represents my musings about growing up, moving on, finding love, and eating well in the suburbs and beyond.
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