The Move Begins!

So little time, so much to do…

packing, cleaning, packing, cleaning, lamenting, packing, cleaning, packing, cleaning…

The good news is that we’re almost moved into our new apartment in Downers Grove. It still feels a little odd to write “we” when I’ve been saying “I” for such a long time. Odd in a good way, though. But, since both parts of the “we” have been independent for many years, we have a lot of stuff to blend, which leaves us with a couple things to debate… 

1. Which shower curtain do we use?

Mine=light green and pretty

His=dark gray and plain

 2. How do we blend our decorations?

For instance, I have paintings of butterflies and a big wooden spoon while he has a lifesize cutout of Michael Jordan and a basketball jack-o-latern.

 Meanwhile, I have nothing but a mattress, cereal, and about three boxes of wine to keep me company in my Dubuque apartment for this week.

Good enough for me!

A cluttered view into the kitchen.

View from the loft. I fell down the stairs while taking this photo.

The dining area and a happy sombrero


About Restless Cube Dweller

Most of my adult life has been defined finding homes in unconventional places, and learning to interact positively with others. I've lived in the middle of nowhere, in small cities, in large cities, in the suburbs, and now in Dubuque, Iowa. This blog represents my musings about growing up, moving on, finding love, and eating well in the suburbs and beyond.
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One Response to The Move Begins!

  1. flatonmyface says:

    The new apt looks really nice! It took me 5 years to get rid of ML’s awful brown recliner (and it’s technically still here, sitting in the office, waiting for a new home). Good luck with the blending 🙂

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